#baad2017: Once upon a time…

Nigerians forgot about economic recession, bad governance and personal problems to watch our favorite couples get married in Cape Town South Africa.
Banky W and Adesua Etomi”s relationship created an unscripted romantic fairy tale, we all needed to tune in and watch the happily ever after.
And no we did not all attend the wedding in South Africa,  but we were there on google search engines, Instagram, Twitter, Bella Naija, Sisi Yemmie TV and anywhere we could catch a glimpse of this wedding.
But that’s literally the end of season 1, let’s rewind to the beginning

Olubankole AKA Banky W was a man searching for the right woman.
“My love story is not complete until the day I settle down and get married” Banky W
Banky W had wanted to settle down for a while now, but the search for a wife was a really long road. During an exclusive interview, with channels TV in 2015, Banky W revealed that he was considering taking a break from the industry to search for a wife and settle down with kids.
Because in his words “Living an artiste’s life does not lend itself to (kind of) working on a relationship. It’s tough.
He said he had a crush on Genevieve for a while but they are great friends and it did not work.

His social media fans did not help matters.
In June 2016 fans roasted him for posting a picture of himself hugging his furry dog.
According to them, why hug a dog when you can hug a woman.
He responded that these days he can’t write a social media post in peace without someone reminding him to go and get married.

Gidi Love is a response to fans and family pressuring him to get married:
He played the role of a convicted felon who was arrested for not getting married. He had to explain to the prosecution counsel why he is innocent and how finding a woman to marry was difficult. (Creative though)
On his type of woman
You have to have an ambition, in whatever you are doing, He told channels TV. I need a woman who is busy doing something. According to him, he did not want a house wife. He wanted someone who was driven to develop herself.
She also needs to have a love for family and a love for God. (He likes channels TV sha)
Meet Adesua Etomi
She has a first class degree in Drama and Performance from the University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom (UK) and triple distinction in Performing Arts from the City College Coventry (also in the UK),

According to Adesua …I want to be that woman that inspires people, that woman who did something great. I want to act till I die, if my funeral could be used to cast a movie that would be great.

A whole woman who works in purpose does not have to chase people or opportunities, her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her… T. D Jakes

The romantic fairy tale begins
Banky first met her in 2015 and declared he was going to be her biggest fan. He slid into her DM and sent her a funny message. They had been friends since them. ( maybe Banky had an Ulterior motive ?)

Made for you music video …
A romantic video about a man who surprised his girlfriend with a beautiful wedding proposal. He called her because she was a friend and good actress. She just won the AMVA in 2016 and he needed someone that could interpret the role professionally (that’s what he said we can’t be sure of that)
In this love song… he proposed to her and she said yes.

By sheer faith they were cast together in the wedding party
The wedding party is a comedy movie about couples in love who finally got married against the odds of meddling families.
The rest happened behind closed doors
They did not tell us when the relationship crossed the friendship line and what ever happened next until May 8. 2017, we saw a post by adesua. Banky was on bended knees.

Joyous pandemonium broke out…
Twitter was fire. Banky was trending, Adesua was trending, wedding party was trending, made for me video was shared a couple of times.
Intresting, they did a music video about engagement, did a movie about marriage and now they are getting married.
Nigerians blessed the Union.
We have all watched Cinderella and snow white.
This is our own romantic fairy tale, unscripted
Prince Banky & princess adesua became social media darlings.
Any news about them brings  a smile to our faces, that why everyone is rooting for their a happy ending.







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