#Scorpion; 7 things you need to know about Drake’s new album

Drake has released his album #scorpion which arrives just in time for his Migos tour on July 26th . The album is streaming on all platforms. check out the trailer

He started with a side  note to all  his haters


Scorpion is a double-album with the “A SIDE” which consist of about 12 tracks and the “B SIDE” clocked in at 13. Side A experience is all hard core rap made for the streets, but side B shows Drake’s  softer side. 



Features  artists include Jay Z , Michael Jackson and TY dollar sign.

Michael Jackson was featured in a track titled “matter to me” by inserting unreleased vocals from his recording sessions with Paul Anka in 1980
In Jay z’s featured track “talk up” he did spit some really wicked lyrics “I got your President tweeting, I won’t even meet with him, Y’all killed X and  let Zimmerman live, The streets is done” X (referring to xxx Tentacion) and (Zimmerman is the police man that shot Trayvon martin sparking black lives matter movement)

His album contains  three of his hit singles-  “I’m Upset,” Nice For What,” “God’s Plan,” all smash hits with the last two tracks both topping the Billboard 100 for weeks

Tracks to watch out for include

Emotionless ; He said some really deep stuff, see some excerpts below


March 14  ;

In this track he opens up about his kid and relationship with his baby Mama and why he kept it a secret for so long. March 14th is also the birth year of his son.

Award season is going be lite ; need proof : Cardi B , Mr and Mrs. Carter  ; Nas ; Kanye ; Pusha T have all released albums this year.
Can’t wait to see what album of the year award category would look like

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