3 Naija Rich kids with Billionaire fathers…but they don’t need daddy’s money.

Some days back, Paddy Adenuga gave an interesting account of how he tried to buy Chevron Netherlands.  The story he told and the superb script he put together can pass for a James bond movie (without the guns and fighting).

According to his narrative, he cleverly tried to outsmart Chevron at their own bid process by getting the rest of the bidders to join forces with him to take the company (on his terms).  He made a just a few errors of judgement that caused him the bid, but he came close anyway(read more on Ynaija)

Though his story is inspiring, question is where is he now (the narrative happened 4 years ago)

So we went snooping:

His LinkedIn profile shows he has a company (Pegasus Capital investment limited) but there is no clarity on exactly what the company does and this crunch report shows he is the only team member of the company

His Profile indicates he is back to Globacom which he left some years ago and is now playing the role of an adviser. he is also very busy on twitter tweeting about Rob & Chyna and game of thrones

Our verdict; Paddy Adenuga is still a daddy’s boy. Below are rich kids who have proved they can make it without daddy.


He started with short comedy skits that cracked up millions on social media and earned him influence and a large number of followers. He told his jokes with a street broken English accent that was unique to him only.

What was most intriguing about him was that he also had a really clean British English accent but sometimes switched to his comical voice – He called the comic side of him bother Taju.

He piggy banked on his social media fame to release a single titled “Ello Bae which won him a nomination in the “Best Street Hop Artiste of The Year” category at The Headies 2015.

On 3 November 2015, he announced the release of his second studio album titled Stories That Touch which was later released on 17 November 2015. He expanded into movies , In 2016  Falz won “Best Actor in a Comedy Movie/Series” at the 2016 AMVCA for his role as Segun in Funke Akindele’s TV series Jenifer’s Diary.

He also won BET’s best international act for his music

In 2017 his two hit songs La fete and somethinglite earned millions of views on YouTube.

He describes his style of music as “Wahzup music- fusion of comic lyrics with the contemporary hip-hop in a faux Yoruba accent

It still comes as a surprise to many that Falz the badh guy is the son of renounced human right activist Femi Falana. He studied Law in the University of reading England and went to Law school in Nigeria. His father is no billionaire but with both parents as prominent Lawyers, he grew up a rich kid in highbrow areas of Nigeria.

According to multiple reports, Falz is worth 4 million dollars of her own money

“I don’t want my father’s name to open doors for me. I want to open my own doors even right now, I don’t want anybody to call me Falana’s son. I want people to be asking both of you, are you Falz’ father and mother?”


When  DJ Cuppy and her £1,000 headphones covered in Swavorski crystals came out as a DJ, Nigerians and the entertainment industry were like *eyes rolling *Next* *Rich kids getting bored*

“When I first entered the industry, I felt like a lot of artists in the industry wouldn’t feel comfortable with me, thinking I have an unfair advantage to enter their space and dominate it all”, she said.

Cuppy has dedicated years of handwork on her craft proving that she is more than a rich kid with a pretty face;

In 2014 Cuppy was the resident DJ at the MTV Africa Music Awards in Durban.

She then played at the Tatler and Christie’s Art Ball in London, and at the Financial Times Luxury Summit in Mexico City

In July 2014 she released her first compilation mix called House of Cuppy in London and Lagos, before launching it in New York on September 2, 2014 same year.

Cuppy also launched the music management and content production business Red Velvet Music Group, which is now located in London.

2015 was a big year for cuppy. She was featured on the cover of the Guardian Life and Forbes Magazine covers.

Cuppy was named the official DJ for the 2015 Oil Barons Charity in Dubai, and became the first African act to have ever performed at the event.

Cuppy set off on her first DJ Tour to 8 cities in Africa titled “Cuppy Takes Africa”. She visited Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and South Africa. The “Cuppy Takes Africa” tour included performances, major artist collaborations and charitable engagements supported by GTB Bank and Dangote foundation

Later that year she interned at Jay- Z’s Roc Nation

In October 2016, the “Cuppy Takes Africa “Tour was documented as an 8 episode docu series which aired on Fox Life Africa.

Still in doubt that she is the real deal? She made her own beat under her own company label (red velvet music group) and released a hit track *green Light* (4million views on YouTube)

According to unconfirmed reports, she is worth over 200,000 dollars of her own money.

“Yes sometimes doors are opened because of my Dad’s influence.  But only skill, quality and talent that can keep those doors open. I can’t come this far if I am not good at what I do”


OBO needs no introduction; but let me bore you with what I assume you already know .

His father is a wealthy business man and philanthropist and his uncles are politicians. Ademola Adeleke (the dancing senator) and Isiaka Adeleke who was allegedly poisoned for his gubernatorial ambition.

Cuppy almost apologises for being rich while Falz is modest and does not talk about his wealth. Davido is a braggart and would let you know that a) He is the son of a rich man B) his father has a private jet he gets to borrow .*Bye guys*

In spite of his father’s wealth he is extremely ambitious. He went ahead and made music against his fathers will.

Its reported that for his first song (back when) he wanted Naeto C the biggest rapper at that time to feature in it, Naeto C tried to scare him off by asking for 1 million naira. Davido ran back to his home first thing the next morning Grinning and cash at hand. That was how the record was made.

 At this time, Davido’s father was still mad at him for choosing to do music. My dad didn’t like me doing music!” laughs Davido. “If he saw my face on a billboard, he’d arrest everybody at that show! But when I made the song ‘Dami Duro’ [2011], it became the biggest track in Africa; it’s saying: ‘I’m the son of a rich man, you can’t stop me, and people love me.’ It now feels good for dad to see that music can take me this far.”

Davido has been unstoppable after Dami duro, netting 33 Awards and 79 nominations, a deal with Sony Music, millions in endorsement deals and international collaborations

Davido is worth almost 15million dollars according to forbes. I did not find any wise quote from Davido though  except “30billion for the Akant”

So Errmm, Paddy Adenuga. What was it you did for a living? No shade but we don’t know your company, staff or projects you have executed.

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