3 hot and random facts that would blow your mind (Videos attached)

Yemi Alade’s johnny video is the highest viewed Music video in Nigeria with 80 million views on YouTube. 

The views are not from Nigeria alone but  from all over the world: Germany, the US and Across Africa. Posted in 2014, but still receiving views everyday till today.

Trailing her closely is P square with hit music video personally which has over  79million views

That explains why she has always kept her music videos almost similar to her Johnny hit with loads of theatrics and dance performance.  Well, It’s called is sticking to what works and making dance hall her trademark

Johnny Music video has so many adaptation and remakes: here is one featuring a dance group in Paris

Bill gates is still technically the world’s richest man(89.4Billion) even though it seems that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has over taken him (99.6billion)

Jeff Bezos’s Amazon stock soared again during black Friday, thus overtaking bill gates for the second time this year as the world richest man. But technically speaking he is not richer- where’s why

Bill gates through his foundation Bill & Belinda gates foundation, gives out half of his wealth to impoverished people and other philanthropic causes across the world.  This July , Bill gates gave away 4.6billion dollars reducing his stake in Microsoft by 1.3% and bringing the total sum of money he has given away to 50 billion dollars.

Bill & his wife are not only giving their money away, they are giving their friends money away as well. They signed a giving pledge to give half their wealth away and convinced warren buffet and 13 other billionaire to do same

Jeff Bezos on the other hand is focused on building Amazon and refused to join the billionaires pledge making it really easy for him to overtake others as the world’s richest man.

Ermmm, what was that the Holy bible said about give and it shall be given onto you, good measure , pressed down……Could that be working for him?

Atlantic and Pacific Ocean meets, but never mix.

They meet at a place called Cape Horn, Southern Chile but they never mix.

The waters around Cape Horn are particularly hazardous, owing to strong winds. Large waves, strong currents and icebergs have made it notorious as a sailors’ graveyard. Multiple videos show that the both sea waters don’t mix

Some studies suggest the chemical and mineral composition of the waters are different .

Density difference and direction of current is also another reason why they may never mix .to

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