15 year old Nigerian Diplomat changing the world, one country at a time.

When a nine year old says I will call the president of Ghana and interview him, and her parents say yes you can, go ahead.Such child like enthusiasm, that sees no limitations and boundaries can lead to to  greatness                                                                                                                                      Imagine a 15 year old girl…

Travelling the world and interviewing presidents, prime ministers and African leaders.

Inspiring  thousands of girls, boys and even undergraduates.

And  any where she goes, she showcases positive news about Africa to the rest of the world.

Zuriel Oduwole has interviewed over 24 African Presidents.

She is a global citizen known to world leaders, United Nations, UNESCO  and the international communities

In 2015, She attended   the 70th United Nations general assembly  session in New York.  Right there she became a global peacemaker by settling a dispute between the leaders of Guyana and Venezuela over the disputed Esequiba oil Territory.

She simply made it known that if there was Civil unrest, more children would be out of school.

Zuriel Oduwole  is the youngest person to be interviewed by Forbes and named one of the worlds most influential people

So who is Zuriel Oduwole &  how did she get here?

She is born in Los Angeles America  to a Nigeria father and Mauritius mother.

According to her, Her parents made it known to her that she is first and proudly Africa though she was born in America.

She grew up in a strong Christians family and as such  she is strongly rooted in prayers and faith in God.

Her parents quit their Jobs to take their daughter round the globe and support her mission to heal the world.

Her father simply describes himself as a security guard and protector.

They empower her with materials, things to read and help build her brand. but they remain largely in the background.

The Milestone to greatness

When she was 9, She participated in a school documentary in Los Angeles.

The documentary research required a primary contact who needed to be interviewed physically . That Contact was the president of Ghana

She then wrote to J.K Rawlings of Ghana and requested an  interview  with him.  Six weeks later,  she got a response that he had agreed to be interviewed in Ghana.

She showed up with her Father at 9 years old to her first presidential interview for a school project.

That just  the beginning of greatness and better things to come.

Then She became a film maker. 

When she got to Live in Africa, she found out it was not as bad as whats in the news.

They had a beautiful life that the world never saw. the media only told stories of corruption, war, famine,etc.

She made short documentaries to tell her own story about Africa.

These documentaries led her to interview more African Leaders, to shine the light on their story

She just concluded her 5th documentary  “Follow The Ball” for education  which she premiered at the Hilton Hotel Abuja on August 17th and in Morocco North Africa.

She also became a girl child education Advocate:

Her program is tagged Dream-up, speakup, standup.She started the program to inspire girls in Africa to stay in school, get a good education and finally get good jobs.Zuriel also talks to African leaders “about making policies so that girls are able to go to school until at least the age of 18 .

Zuriel was in Paris at the weekend to help advocate for wealthy countries to boost their aid to developing countries to 0.7 percent of GDP.

She is home schooled, using a school based curriculum that allows her to get ahead of her school work, so she has time for her hobbies

Girl on the move…

  • She has spoken on Ted taks, Unesco Summits, United nations general assembly. In February 2015, Elle Magazine listed her in their annual feature of “33 Women Who Changed The World”,
  • She has been featured  on local and intercontinental news, BBC , CNN, Business Insider, Ebony Life.
  • Awarded New African Woman On The Rise in the African woman awards in 2016
  • Global Ambassador for the Ethiopian Airlines.  & partner with Always #girls unstoppable.
  • New Africa listed her as one of Africa’s 100 most influential people, alongside 3 presidents and African’s richest person Aliko Dangote.

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