Kim’s Surrogate baby girl-7 things a Nigerian parent or in-law would say about a womb for rent

Babies… some women poop them out like chickens while others have to work really hard to make it happen. The Kardashian Klan is no different. Kourtney is a baby making machine while Kim struggled through two pregnancies

She experienced two life threatening conditions when she gave birth to her kids North and Saint.

First she had preeclampsia characterized by extremely high blood pressure during pregnancy. Like that was not bad enough after her delivery she experienced placenta accrete a situation whereby the placenta sticks to the uterine wall and has to be surgically removed.

She was forced to give surrogacy a chance, and only recently announced the birth of her new girl. Super celeb that she is, she has sparked off surrogacy fever.

So the question is, how would a Nigerian Parent or in-law react if their child decides to give birth through a surrogate

Are you crazy, how you would tell your child you are not his real mom? Abi the baby would now have two mothers?

Answer– With gestational surrogacy I can use my sperm and my husband’s egg. The surrogate  is simply a carrier, aka womb to rent.  My eggs and husband’s sperm carry our genetic material, which makes me the real mother irrespective of who carries it.

 What if the woman is a witch or has spiritual problems?

Answer– That depends on if witch craft can be genetically transferred, it’s my egg and my husband’s sperm. No problem. I can only be worried if I am not the egg donor (like in the case of traditional surrogacy)

If she runs away with your child nko? She may grow attached to the baby and refuse to hand over the child to you?

Answer– That’s a problem, Oyo is my case because there are no established laws in Nigeria for surrogacy. Infact commercial surrogacy may be viewed as a crime in some parts of the country.

There are many cases in western countries where the surrogate mum refused to let go of the baby, especially if the eggs used is hers and the sperm artificially inseminated

 You want to disgrace me after everything i have done for you ha! What would people say?

Answer-People are doing it now, Tinubu’s daughter Iya Tinubu Ojo (Iya loja general of Lagos) had a baby through artificial insemination. It is rumored she even used an egg donor, but does it matter a child is a child.

It’s not in our culture;

Answer- it would be eventually, just like IVF and C-section, we are just too slow in playing catchup.

The look on their face when you try to explain to a Nigeria parent the entire surrogacy process

Egg  extraction and sperm insemination in a test tube, then insertion into the woman’s body. The cash involved (approximately 30,000 dollars.) the waiting process because the embryo may not implant into the uterus.

 Surrogacy is immoral, the bible / Quran does not support it.

When you work a mile in my shoes, you would find a way to twist the scriptures in support of surrogacy.



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